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ABX Micros ES 60

Hematology Analyzer

ABX Micros ES 60

USPs of ABX Micros ES 60

  • Highly compact and lightweight
  • Micro-sampling on whole blood: 10μL
  • CBC+3 diff (16 parameters)
  • Precise cellular identification through electronic impedance variation method Hemoglobin measurement with photometry
  • Integrated barcode reader (samples, QC and reagents) and thermal printer (full data printout and graphs)
  • User-friendly interface (color touch screen, virtual keyboard)
  • Complete Quality Control Program (3 QC levels import in one time, Levey-Jennings, XB, overlapping)
  • Embedded Data Management: Data transfer with USB key to archive or download data, high results capacity, customized reports.
  • Compatible with innovative reagent pack or bottle systems
  • 60 Samples throughput
  • Manufactured by: Horiba Medical, France.

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