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Products Range

A range of quality clinical laboratory products, which provides diagnostic aid to the society.


Understand metabolism well enough with state of the art robust technology.


Learning the blood and blood disorders through the best healthcare facilities.


Measurement of salts and minerals by ISE method.


It is used to detect and identify the presence of specific substances in a sample, typically using an antibody as a component.

Blood Gas Analyzer

It articulates the blood and measure the pH along with the partial pressures of carbon dioxide and oxygen.


Point-of-care Testing analysis is executed where the healthcare facility is provided close or near to the patient.



It helps in Identifying the infections at early stages, which can help the physicians to select appropriate treatment and prevent further transmission of infection. It also reduces inappropriate antibiotic prescribings.


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Is the Gold Standard technology to detect HbA1C. Results also includes IFCC, NGSP and ADAG value for diverse client need.

Message from the MD's Desk

In today’s fast paced world where everyone is on a constant run, if you want to get ahead of the pack you should be dedicated, prepared, flexible to changes and never loose sight of the long term goals. This is especially true in the Medical industry, where changes happen at the lightning speed.

Every progressive company is guided by a determined purpose, with clear and simple vision of providing quality healthcare solution.

As rightly said by someone, “You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”. We believe in performing actions and getting the outcome for the betterment of medical fraternity.


Very reliable and quick service. Availability of wide range of products. Good customer care. Reasonable rates and logical billing.

Dr. Mandlik,
Shodh Pathology Laboratory, Pune

Crystal Diagno Vision is a great team. We can approach them and we get feedback at the earliest. Seemless services….Mr. Sarang and Team- Please keep it up.

Dr. Mangesh Bolgave,
Health Accurate Diagnostics.

Sarang being always helpful in solving our issues. The company is doing ethical business with honesty since last many years. We wish them a great success ahead.

Dr. Chinmay Saraf,
Health Accurate Diagnostics, Pune

Crystal Diagno Vision have been very prompt and efficient in deliveries of reagents. They also respond very quickly and any problems that may be there are solved at the earlist.

Dr. Girish Krishnan,
Prerna Pathalogy Laboratory, Pune

Since last few years we are dealing with Crystal Diagno Vision with a very pleasant experience. We really appreciate the sincerity, politeness and promptness in their working pattern.

Dr. Nitin Dhande,
Dr. Dhande Pathology Laboratory, Pune

Why Crystal Diagno Vision?

CRYSTAL DIAGNOVISION is fast growing organization in diagnostic field. We assure for not only quality products but quality service also. We are working with the diagnostic companies who are having wide range of quality instruments. CRYSTAL always committed to trustworthy performance.

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